Our Tea Selection is Completely Unique

We have been dealing with teas and tea tools on a professional level for almost 15 years. In our tea shop you can find teas from Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Indian TEA GERDENS and ARTISAN TEA PRODUCERS. Our tea selection is completely unique. The process of selection consists of visiting tea gardens, building relationships and tasting to bring you the teas we think are delicious, high quality and affordable. In addition to artisanal teas, we have also selected teas from big companies that are of outstanding quality or are special in some way. When we have the opportunity to buy teas from famous tea masters or award-winning teas, we do our best to ensure authenticity and affordability. In addition to teas, we place great emphasis on researching and learning about TRADITIONAL TEA UTENSILS AND CERAMICS from China, Japan and Taiwan pottery villages. THIS IS HOW WE WORK: